Friday, March 20, 2009

Well i suppose we've been here in oregon for about a month, and that i have not posted anything for a good long while now, so i suppose it is time. i debated going all the way back to where i left off and the last days of our trip, but to be honest they weren't all that interesting so i think i'll jut gloss over them. we spent a night in las vegas, got a great hotel room on the top (34th) floor of a hotel and had an amazing view of the city. walked around, gambled some money, ended up breaking even, and were totally overwhelmed by the lights, the sea of people, and the carny like promoters trying to talk us into nightclubs, stripclubs, and all sorts of other places las vegas is notorius for. all in all, it is a city that is hard to understand, and just did not suit us, especially after the majestic expanses of wilderness we had enjoyed for the previous week.
we awoke early the next morning, rolled out of town quick as you please, and hit the road runnin, destination oregon. of course geography being what it is we did not reach oregon that day, but did drive through a beautiful stretch of central and northern california, with lemon, orange, and almond trees stretching as far as the eye could see, with occassional vineyards interspersed and the sun-made raison factory. we stayed the night after quite a full day o driving in northern california, enjoying obamas speach to congress, and turning in for a good nights rest before another days drive that would finally take us to our new home. which we reached in the mid-afternoon of the next day. we stopped by the realty office to pick up our keys and got our first peek in person of our new (short term) home. it's quite a cozy place, and i've really come to enjoy it, and the town, although current events seem to point to us leaving in the near future (like, the end of the month) for greener and more agriculturally minded pasures. or farms in this case. to be specific anna got a job on an organic farm, and i am currently in the process of obtaining gainful employment on a vineyard.
the stars seem to be pointing to us moving to applegate oregon, 10 miles north of the california border, a small town that resembles arendtsville, which is only mildly ironic. but it is a beatiful area with the rougue river snaking through the valley, and vineyards inhabiting the hillsides. all in all a good place to find work as a farmer. we will be moving into a cozy one room cabin with a loft, (with electricity) which nieghbors massive state forest land and is within a short drive of a number of fine wineries. the future looks interesting, to say the least, and i have just finished pulling my reume together, and preparing to put myself at the mercy of the local economy, with nothing but a liftetime of farming experience and a degree in horticulture to fall back on. all in all i'm brimming with confidence and high hopes, as well as nervousness what this season will hold.
and on that note i will sign off for now, hopefully to hear back from my early job prospects and more frequent blog updates.

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